Is Today The Day?

Is it? Is today the day you do the thing you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t found the courage? Do what you fear and the death of that fear is certain. If not today, when? Seriously. Carpe diem. 🙂


That’s all we can do really, isn’t it? Try. Seems simple enough. Just try. Try to do what? Try to do your best. To be a good and decent person, using a moral compass as our guide. jeff is one of the ways I try to practice what I preach. But you already knew […]

Has The Door Been Opened?

Maybe. I hope so. Ever have something that’s been sort of nagging at you? Something important? Some critical piece of the puzzle? Me too. And often (not always), what we seek is an opportunity (an ice-breaker) to open the door. I think it happened last night. Thanks to my wife for being a positive catalyst. […]

jeff noel – Blessed & Stressed

jeff noel, blogger, average guy, Father, Husband, teacher, is blessed and stressed after yesterday. Blessed because I am all those things. Stressed because I am not all those things. Yes, my wife and I conducted an excellent Children’s Liturgy of the Word yesterday. Yet stressed, because at the afternoon birthday party, I realized there is […]

So I Told Him This

“My goal is to help you”. Had a “deep” conversation with our son (9) last night. He has several chores he’s responsible for. One of them is daily. This is the one that we discussed last night. We finished our simple dinner from our screened-in back porch. The sun had set and it was dark […]