Our spiritual wellness has massive ripple effects into our mind and body

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Most world changing ideas are blinding flashes of the obvious


Our spiritual wellness has massive ripple effects into our mind and body. This is such a blinding flash of the obvious. Yet we act on it ignorantly.

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Mind, body, spirit, oh my…

St Patricks NYC

St Patricks NYC

St Patricks NYC

September 2012… out for a jog through New York City and stumbled upon…

Yesterday walking Brooklyn’s streets I was asked, “How is your day going?” “Borderline spectacular”, I replied. The mental, physical, and spiritual stimulation? Breathtaking. Position yourself each day to drink it in. Some days we are thirstier than others.

Stay hydrated – mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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When Do You Find The Time?

We All Have An Undeniable "Spirit"
We All Have An Undeniable "Spirit"

Undeniably, we have a body. And a mind. And a job.

We also have a spirit.

Our bodies, our minds, our careers grow and thrive in direct proportion to our efforts to nurture and strengthen them.

Same with our spirit. I’m amazed at the sheer volume of distractions that medicate us into complacency. Where do you “worship”?

When do you find the time?

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Exciting News

Where Will This Lead?
Where Will This Lead?

Have you ever felt totally vulnerable? I mean, to our entire world? Me neither. Until last year.

What started years ago as a half-hearted, but well-intentioned effort to blog, has now become a labor of love.

Five blogs daily. Every day. Crazy. Wonderful. Exciting.

A couple weeks ago, I humbly invited any followers to consider being a Guest Blogger in one of the five areas – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money, HQ.

Tomorrow, you will meet Bob, a Tennessee native. Bob has been so encouraging over the past year. His insights are always effective – revealing what we might call, “the truth”.

Tomorrow, “Who’s Not Capable?”


Ever think about how you prepare for your day?

Going through the motions? Wake up, shower, dress, jump in the car and off we go.

Lemmings. The migratory animals that follow each other and when one jumps off the cliff, the rest follow, one by one.

Humans are like that too. Creatures of habit and heavily influenced by what every one else does.

When will I think for myself and have the courage to not only not jump off the cliff, but to steer clear of the cliff altogether?