Happy Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Margaret. My Mother-In-Law turns 87 today. “Mom” is still living in the house she was born in. Same house her entire life. Never moved out. Never moved away. She was one of nine children. Her Mother, “Grammy”, open a one-room grocery store (1927) in what is now the living room in their three-story […]

Happy Birthday Mom(s)

Today is my Mom’s birthday and this past Wednesday was my Step-Mom’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMS! Wishing you Peace in your Soul, Joy in your Spirit and Love in your Heart. This is our Family prayer we say every day before dinner. Like my Father, and his Father before him, I’m trying to find my […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Our Mother’s Day started at Church. Today’s sermon was about an unbelievable sinner who became an unbelievable saint. Saint Paul. The Deacon prepared such an incredible message from the first reading, instead of the standard Gospel reading interpretation. Afterwards, I asked him if I could please get a copy, and he gave […]