Mourn, celebrate, or both

Disney Marathon detour
Walt Disney World Marathon sign…my gym on right. Walking home.

Mourn, celebrate, or both?

Life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Fifty-one years old.

Twin 17-year olds.

Husband of 25 years.

These are stats many people never get close to experiencing.

None of us who pass the half-century mark should carry too much (if any) regret.

What a blessing to have stats like those.

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Should joy replace sorrow?

Florida tropical landscape
Nature reminds us (if we live tuned-in) that life is fleeting.


Yesterday a friend lost his dad to cancer. The dad was in his 80’s and lived a good life.

Some sorrowful (even regretful) posts surfaced on Facebook. This led to hours of personal reflection on, “why is death earmarked for sadness, loss, and pain”?

i mean, why are those things common when the person is 70, 80, even 90+?

In all those decades, haven’t mountains of good memories accumulated?

i can’t help but wonder why we don’t embrace death as the beginning of something else, and, as the final scene in a wonderful movie.

Should Can joy replace sorrow?




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