Please don't tell me

Stormy weather is part of nature (and life)

Sanibel Island Coconut Palm trees
From my office yesterday during “stormy” weather.


Stormy weather is part of nature (and life).

Acting all panicky when the sky turns dark is a learned response.

Anticipating and being prepared for stormy weather allows us to remain calm in the midst of nature’s onslaught.

Same with life’s onslaught.

Bad things happen to good people.

Makes a great case for living like you mean it.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Not for us.

Not for the people we love.




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Blessed Beyond Measure?

The biggest concert ever assembled is nature

ant inside yellow flower
During run last week in Indiana. Tiny ant inside small flower.


roadside yellow flowers
Roadside flowers during run. Ant is still visible in the lower right flower.


yellow wild flower
Without any insects.


The majesty of nature is lost on most humans.

Blessed are those who notice (and appreciate).

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Where is the best Church?

Denver wildflower
Denver wildflower by Mile High Stadium


Nature is the best Church.

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Stuff We Do

Creatively solving for too much to do and getting a late start

Florida nature trail boardwalk
Several Central Florida ecosystems within one Neighborhood Nature Preserve


Something about slowing the walk down to ‘leisurely’ that made this walk very special. It was a selfish walk because it was a 55th birthday morning.

God advised the worried soul to relax and drink in the beauty of His creation.

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How Can You Tell?

Nature is the most amazing classroom ever invented

Two adult and two juvenile Florida Sand Hill cranes in homeowner's yard
God’s creatures can help us understand the reality of real life


Nature is the most amazing classroom ever invented.

With each day that all four are present, we are reminded that this little family has survived another day as a unit.

There are many creatures who view young animals as an easy meal.

Younger creatures, including humans, are not fully aware of all the constant dangers.

Many of which remain unseen until it is too late.

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