Does God provide for all our needs?

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Does God provide for all our needs? Common sense tells us that we believe what we want to believe. So, your answer depends on your beliefs. It’s that simple.

Last week there was no graphic designer, and no contract. This week both materialized.

Sure, it took six years – about as long as we thought.

We both knew it wouldn’t happen until retirement from Disney, even though the business was incorporated six years earlier.

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God Will Provide

God provides Grace and Mercy. Freedom is provided by our troops.

Christ the Savior is born, such a touching Christmas song, long forgotten as we approach Easter. In fact, we play no beautiful Christmas music this time of year. What if we did? Christmas means nothing without Easter. Think about it.

Insight: When I figure these things out on my own, I finally get it. When someone tells me, it never sinks in.

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Why Followers Want Passion

Why do followers want passion?

Forgive me please. A few days ago, I promised to elaborate. So here it is.

Why do followers want passion? Pardon the boldness, but isn’t it obvious?

No. Seriously. Isn’t it obvious?

Who the heck wants to follow someone who doesn’t have passion?

Think about what it is that you admire in truly great leaders.

Passion usually revolves around wanting to do something very important, but with this caveat – to do something important even better. To do more of it.

And the funny thing is, the passion is so overwhelming, that others are drawn to it beyond their control.

Moses, Paul, Peter, John, Mary. Ya with me?