Portland, Oregon

Hello from Portland, Oregon. Arrived very late last night. Spent 20 hours getting here.

Visiting and hoping to find the opportunity later today to visit Eugene, Oregon, home of Hayward Field at the University of Oregon.

Steve Prefontaine, Pre as everyone called him, ran there. If you don’t know anything about Steve Prefontaine, know one thing.

Nike has only made one bronze statue of an athlete. Ever. Period.

Steve Prefontaine.

God blesses every person with some gift. Pre was blessed with courage, but people mistook him as simply a runner.

Go to Lane 8

Please don’t sell yourself short. Click here to go to www.Lane8.org. Don’t be a chicken $hit.

Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

PS. You need to see the Nike Courage You Tube clip I posted. If it doesn’t inspire you, head to the emergency room asap.