Why Can’t We Pick And Choose?

There are basic requirements to survive. Take your que from nature. Nature has been surviving for eons. The basics work. Never get bored with the basics. Master them. Teach others. Then, and only then, try to do them better: more effectively, more efficiently. Dear Son, if you ever get off track in life, go back […]

Doug Landis Mouth Art

Do you have days where you think, “It’s just too difficult”? We all do. What’s the solution? One solution is to look around and realize there will always be someone who makes your challenges like amateurish. Doug Landis was a high school wrestler, until a wrestling injury left him a quadriplegic. His brother said he […]

What’s Your Favorite Song?

What’s your favorite Christmas song of all time? I mean, if you could only pick one, what would it be? My wife’s Grammy, who died in my arms at age 93, always said Little Drummer Boy was her favorite. She went to Heaven in September 1989. It never occurred to me back then to ask […]

Is This Your Year?

Is this your year to do something great? Hope so. It sure has been a great year of blogging. The blogging has been inspired by the realization that the clock is ticking. If this hasn’t been “your year”, why not? What needs to change? What is the missing link? If we knew this, maybe we’d […]