Some Of The Most Inexpensive Items Carry The Greatest Worth

Money can’t buy you love. – The Beatles But two dollars can buy you one of those pocket gemstones with words like Hope, Peace or Wisdom. Some airport gift shop, beside the cash register, paying for a bottle of water….reach in my right pocket, snap an innocent photo – the header image for jeff […]

Youth Has An Innocence And An Ignorance Only Age Can Influence

In 1984, at the ripe age of 25, jeff noel thought he had the perfect plan. noel (married in ’83) would relocate his wife and all their belongs to Orlando and begin their Disney career. They’d buy a “lower cost mobile home” and live there until they could afford a house. noel never factored in […]

The Most Important Work A Baby Boomer Can Do Is Set The Example For What Common Sense Values Look Like In Action

The most important work a Baby Boomer can do is set the example for what common sense values look like in action. After writing this Mid Life Celebration blog post title, jeff noel realized there is no dialogue necessary to support it’s meaning. Go. Next Blog