A World Without Christmas?

“Can you imagine a world without Christmas?” — Father Kenny It’s only been one month, but I miss Christmas. How about you? Do you miss Christmas? Can still remember what our Priest said (above) at Christmas Mass. Can you imagine? Oh, I get it, most people aren’t thinking about Christmas today, unless they are reminded […]


Sometimes, friends nearby will say to me, “Showoff.” At Gold’s Gym one time, Joe said, “You intimidate people.” “What are you talking about, Joe”, I asked, confused and astonished. He said, “You intimidate people. Because you’re gifted.” Come to find out he was referring to my physical fitness appearance. I told Joe “The only gift […]

What Else?

What else do I feel guilty about? Decent Health Great Job Great Hometown Great Spirit Hold on, this is getting awkward Sorry, I’m going to need more time to think this through. It’s awkward. If I go with a gut instinct right now, it feels like the reason this topic got started in the first […]

Twistee Treat To Do

I still have the post-it note up on my office wall, near the phone. Crazy, isn’t it? I mean the things we think about and the things we do. So, in the midst of the fairly intense topic the past few days, I’m going to switch gears today, and revisit a topic from ten days […]