It’s Been Fun

It’s been fun writing March’s jeff noel Blog Whisperer posts. As the 2 year prolific blogger milestone approaches on April Fool’s Day, I can honestly say the future is uncertain. It’s been humbly rewarding to give my best away for free. Yet this is the year Mid Life Celebration LLC generates a profit, or the […]

When You Act This Way

Age 5 (2005) – along with Dad for Lector practice… Dear Son, when you use your Faith, rock solid values, creativity, survival skills and a win-win attitude, you can march confidently in the direction of your dreams. There is a peace that knows no understanding when you act as a Godly man, and at the […]

Orlando Motivational Speakers

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…Ali… Are you willing to put yourself out there and do what it takes? When it comes to Orlando Motivational Speakers, what does Google show? There is a delicate, and foggy balance between humility and evangelization. Jesus, Peter, Paul, John, Moses, Abraham, David and all the others had […]