God’s Handiwork

Spring will soon be upon us here in Central Florida. Weather has been sunny and warm, in the 80’s (Fahrenheit) the past week.

Does Spring mean anything special to you? I mean, besides pollen-filled air and seasonal allergies.

So many things in God’s handiwork signal, to me anyway, His promise. Rebirth. Faith. Goodness. Hope. The Summer rains.

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Shun The Martyrs?

Houston trip, 2010 – Hospital Wall art…

Son, the goal isn’t sacrifice, the goal is to obey – the obvious.

Love over hate.

Justice over injustice.

Compassion over greed.

Joy over anxiety.

You will spend your life wrestling with these simple concepts, as I have.

And I’m finally on the cusp of not needing anything except God’s loving embrace.

Material things, money, titles, these are trappings that we let define our worth.

When you believe you are worth more to God than your paycheck, title and possessions, then you no longer shun the martyrs, you are in their company.

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The Privilege To Proclaim

It’s a decent size, maybe 1,500 seats…

Our Church’s ambo, last Easter…

This morning, making final preparations for today’s Old Testament reading from the Book of Leviticus, I’m mindful that when it’s done correctly, the reading sounds like a proclamation of God’s Holy word.

For just a moment in time, if it’s even remotely humanly possible to be nearly perfect, let it be those 75 seconds when I stand and speak at the ambo.

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Orlando Professional Speakers jeff noel

Orlando Professional Speakers only make the local news when…

See if this sounds familiar – I often catch myself talking to God, but then hurry on my way without waiting for His answer.

Sound familiar? We rush and rush until life’s less fun…

However, in listening, our dreams start to unfold…Orlando Professional Speaker jeff noel, at your service.

PS. All 5 jeffrey noel blogs have been a fun way to experiment with jeff noll SEO.

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A Different Type Of Religion

Disney World, The Magic Kingdom…a different type of religion…

And to say it’s not real for people would be a gross misunderstanding…

At Epcot, and all the Disney Theme Parks, differences don’t matter. All that matters is that Family and Friends have the most wonderful time of their lives.

A little glimpse of Heaven on Earth.

How many times have you visited a Disney Theme Park?

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