Dear Son, Trust Is Everything

Dear Son, trust is everything. Rare. Priceless really. You must extend it if you wish to receive it – beware that you may not get it in return. Just a fact of life. Lets assume you work for an organization under current usual and customary paradigms. If your organization can not guarantee you will always […]

Further Still

Who will keep lookout and warn you so there are no surprises? Perhaps compulsive, or spot on, it depends who’s judging. But one thing Boy Scouts learn early is, “Be Prepared”. Further prayer is required when the heat is turned up. And very often, the heat is turned up so gradually, we fail to notice. […]

Prayed Further

As the world changes before our very eyes, at a speed older folks find hard to comprehend, we are forced to thrive, survive, or get left behind. It seems (in my 51 years) this has always been the case. Only difference now is the accelerated pace. And the subsequent need for our accelerated personal adaptations. […]

Orlando Professional Speakers

The Orange County Convention Center, minutes from Walt Disney World, and home… Orlando Professional Speakers enjoy a subtropical climate and world class convention facilities, like The Walt Disney World Resort and The Orange County Convention Center. In thoughtful, humble prayer, we can look around and see opportunity where others don’t. Most people would assume world […]


Carter, 1999-2010, neck deep in Caladiums… Officially, tomorrow is the first day of Spring. Here in Orlando, right next to Walt Disney World, it’s felt like Spring since January. Even as I write this, birds are chirping, trees in bloom, the warm Florida sunshine baking the ground for the rebirth of caladiums, black-eyed susans, blanket […]