Don’t panic on a down day

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Balance, personal vibrancy. Same thing said differently.

In a perfect world we no longer get angry.

But it ain’t a perfect world.

Aim for perfection, settle for excellence.

In an excellent world, we no longer get angry.

In an excellent world, we also no longer panic.

There is a time and place to panic, usually a life-threatening situation.

We need the adrenaline rush to be able to lift a car off a trapped body.

Duly noted exception.

Otherwise, no anger, no panic.

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Adversity reveals character

jeff noel wisdom
KLD on Instagram creates these and they are fun to see.

Adversity reveals character.

Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it.

Last night my final message to our son was this:

Hey, tomorrow, let’s talk about how calm i’ve been in the midst of Covid-19. Most people are panicked, deeply concerned about their future, and literally having anxiety attacks. My whole life has been a slow and steady continuous improvement journey. You would be perfectly normal to be freaked out now, and freaked out because your friends are probably freaked out. Please do not compare where you are with where i am. Sleep on it and we’ll talk tomorrow.

What you are about to read next is what i call clarity, expectations, and accountability – summed up, bluntly, as one of life’s harsh realities. You are the CEO of You, Inc. Everything in your life is your responsibility. To refute this is to live in a closed-mindset, child-adult relationship with your world.

If you aren’t leading yourself well now, you weren’t leading yourself well before Covid-19.

If you were leading yourself well before Covid-19, you are leading yourself well now.

Adversity is showing our true colors as they say.

i am presently unemployed, and probably will be for the rest of the year, so this is a perfect time to panic. But panic isn’t in my vocabulary anymore, and hasn’t been for years.

Meanwhile, i continue to offer hope and personal challenge, as i have my whole life, to anyone who cares to listen.

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