The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Got Was From A Colleague Of Mine

Parenting comes down to two simple things…

Monty Ray Davidson told me his story about being at the hospital admiring his newborn child through the nursery window, when a very old, very wise woman asked if it was his.

She told Monty Ray, “Everyone is going to try to tell you how to raise your child. What to do and what to not do. When to do it and when not to. But you only need to remember two things…You can’t hold them too much and you can’t love them too much”.

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Smart Or Wise?

A Matter Of Survival?
A Matter Of Survival?

Today is the first day back to school for many Central Florida children. And all across the Country, students of all ages are gearing up. Many of our friends (the same age) have college seniors.

Some have grandchildren.

We have a 4th grader.

The conversation last night revolved around the fundamental difference between being smart and being wise. Here’s the moral.

Being smart can help you understand that there are low to no-interest loans available to buy stuff. Being wise helps you understand that unless you have cash, you should wait.

Being smart tells you your parents will never know you tried to smoke a cigarette. Being wise tells you smoking is bad news, period.

Think About It
Think About It

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