Parental Units

Kevin doll from UP
Kevin is a bird from Disney Pixar’s UP movie. Kevin is also a girl, and, a mom.

Parental Units.

Generally two adults.

Different sex, same sex. Doesn’t matter. Love is love. Parents are parents no matter the gender.

Parental love is the ultimate.

May you be privileged to experience it.

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Generational DNA

Breakfast meeting notes written on the back of this paper wrapper for the napkin/silverware bundle.
So much power, so little space.

Generational DNA.

Met yesterday with a business owner, fellow High School parent, and an ambitious, insightful, and hopeful middle-aged man.

He developed and teaches entrepreneurial studies to high school students locally and nation-wide.

His conclusion is that teens are frightened, insecure, and literally paralyzed by their fear.

Further, he believes their ability to take in-person risks (not social media risks) is catastrophically (my word) low.

He theorized this phenomenon is the result of the first parental generation to raise digital natives.

Because this is a first-in-our-world’s-history, it will take a generation or two to correct any massively detrimental generational habits.

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Teens and late nights

Disney World Parade
The boy will be a teenager before you know it. Photo: a few days ago.


Why do teens stay up late and then sleep in (while the morning is disregarded with all it’s possibilities)?

Probably because parents (like me) are so focused on other things they let kids naturally fall into experimentation with the lack of discipline, routine and purpose. (Parents actually unintentionally model this by not building structure and process into these developing minds.)

Does it have to be like this?

How would most parents know, let alone have an answer other than yes?

What if.

What if kids had a reason to go to bed earlier and get up earlier?

Something about having a purpose? Nah.

Something about watching tv and thinking irresponsible behavior is “normal”.




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Promised him it’s for his own good

Honeymoon bicycle trip on the San Juan Islands
One of Puget Sound’s San Juan Islands, 1984.


Promised him it’s for his own good. In the pool last night we talked at length about “stuff”.

i drove the agenda which was fairly organic (not pre-meditated).

We reviewed the big four, foundational building blocks:

  1. Honesty
  2. Behave admirably
  3. Personal responsibility
  4. Self-control

Introduced a fifth concept:


How can i give you keys to a vehicle in which you could get killed or you could kill someone else if you can’t handle the little things, like refilling the soap dispenser in your bathroom?

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Transitioning to strong wings

Swallow Tailed Kite in Orlando
Lower-center Kite, dead center tree line, white spec is Mockingbird


Praying that the eleven 7th and 8th graders stay morally straight, and suck the marrow out of this once-in-a-lifetime school trip.

Catalina Island excursion yesterday. Disneyland today.

Give them deep roots and strong wings.

We are transitioning to the strong wings – absolutely necessary to thrive (not survive).

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