Dear Son

Something this Dad doesn’t say very often

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Spontaneous thought from lunch meeting last week.


Something this Dad doesn’t say very often:

Son, I’m proud of you.

Long ago, a Montessori curriculum expert suggested that when raising a child, be careful not to have them grow up with an approval addiction.

Let the child discover how valuable and special they are. On their own.

Facilitate their own sense of pride that is from their internal voice, not the voice of approving adults.

Guide them in a different way.

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Dear Son

He says it’s getting harder to be honest

Sunday 6pm Mass Palm Sunday
Youth Ministry begins after the 6pm Mass on Sundays.


He is not a fan of Youth Ministry. At all.

We talked about it yesterday at dinner. Then we drove for another Sunday night session.

Suggested that he go into the session pretending he’s going to High School – the focus being on making friends, being friendly, being accepting, having fun.

Let go of feeling like “religion” is the goal.

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Life Transition (Dec 2014)

Remnant from Susan’s retirement party two days ago at Disney University

Spring Grove Middle School


(photo: Spring Grove Middle School – converted from a High School… the creative solution to explosive growth)

He related his story saying he told his son, “We can be friends when you’re 30. For now I’m your dad and will need to make some tough calls to steer you in the right direction.”

Couldn’t help but think of the traditional definition of ‘friend’.

Doesn’t a true friend make tough calls?

Isn’t a true friend’s privilege to be there for someone no matter what?

Can a parent be both?

Most will say absolutely not.

For this reason alone it is intriguing to wonder why is it impossible.

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Dear Son

Dear Son, thank you for letting me play both parts

Walt Disney Legacy name tag
Walt Disney Legacy is a lifetime achievement


How much time do we spend thinking about the future, and then doing something today, based on that?

Dear Son, thank you for letting me play both parts – parent and grand parent.

Three days away from 54, many of my high school classmates have more than one grandchild.

In fact, Aunt Lori (my younger sister) has four grandchildren.

I thank God for the blessing of not missing the opportunity that may not come otherwise.

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How Can You Tell? The Other Side

Where’s Jesus?

The Best Example Is Across The Table
The Best Example Is Across The Table

Just replied to a friend’s email, declining an invitation to a men’s group Saturday night get-together.

You know, it’s difficult to say no. What happens when we say no too often?

People stop asking us.



Yes, unless we have so much passion that it’s no longer ignorable.

I challenged Duane to spend just five minutes reading

And told him that when our son (9) goes looking for Jesus, he shouldn’t have to look any farther than across the dining room table.

Ya with me?