To the past

Disney Keynote Speaker
This headshot was taken three days ago. Was in desperate need of a high-resolution photo.

To the past.

You are a great teacher, but only when we never let our past memories be bigger than our future dreams.

Dear Past, it’s because of you that 3,652 consecutive days of consecutive blog writing have accumulated. Thanks again for your consistency.

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Back to the future and forward to the past

Stations of the cross
Christ crucified for the salvation of all humankind?


Windows open. Dawn is barely visible. Birds chirping up a storm. Spring is two days away and they know it. Spring fever.

Easter is 13 days away.


Fever for the passion – of the Christ!

This post goes public in 100 days (which is now if you’re reading this).

Remember back 100 days ago how we felt with Spring in the air?

And with Spring in the air, we’re any of us thinking about Independence day?

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Is Today The Day?

Is today the day our eyes will be opened?

Do you look around at the path you’re on? I mean every day. Day in and day out. I try really hard to.

How can we not? Unless we have no idea what our goals are.

What are your big goals?

  • Your big mental-health goals?
  • Your big physical-health goals?
  • Your big spiritual-health goals?
  • Your big financial-health goals?

Too much to think about, right?

Overwhelming, right?

It will be if we’re not careful. And that’s what motivates me.

The Joy of Dying

Is there Joy in dying? Is there Joy in death?

There certainly is Joy in birth and obviously Joy in being born. Right?

In the past 30 days, I’ve been exposed to nearly one dozen deaths. And these deaths have involved people close to me, or people close to people I’m close to. Ya with me?

Just yesterday, a good friend told me how peaceful the death of her family member was.

It started with tragic news, and there was little time to accept and deal with the impending reality.

And yet in the end, she spoke of it being Peaceful. Joyful.

Perhaps, with a little (or a lot) planning, death will be something we don’t fear, but something we view as simply part of life. Not to be feared, but to be embraced.

Maybe then we can look forward to it. Joyfully.


WWJD. What would Jesus do? Most are familiar with this.

Because my mind works in mysterious ways, this acronym could also have a second meaning:

What would jeff do? No one is familiar with this.

That’s okay. As long as it means something to me (everyday), then the odds increase that better choices are made. One day at a time. Always an eye on the future. Always a reflection on the past. But mostly, carpe diem.

What do you do every day, to get and stay focused – in the moment to moment opportunities that today brings you?

You are preparing for this TODAY, right?