Prayers Please

Pray For Patience

From a tiny acorn (or a mustard seed).

We can quickly plant the seed, but there is no way to rush nature, nor God.

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Press On?

Dear Heavenly Father, please know that I think you said to keep writing 5 daily, differently themed blogs. At least that’s what it sounded like, to me.

If this is not what you have in mind, would you please send a stronger sign, or help me be still enough to listen better?

Thank you. I Love you and need you. Can’t live without you…

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Journey On

Know What God Wastes?

Your Trip Might Also Be Scarier
Your Trip Might Be Long, AND Scary


God wastes nothing.

Take solace in this.

Know that everything good in life takes longer than you expect.

Our two choices: believe in yourself and know it will be a long journey, or not believe, quit, and the trip will be even longer.

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And Colder
Your Trip Might Also Be Cold
Dear Son

If You Don’t Control Your


If you don’t control your temper, you’ll lose your son at 15 or 16.

Can’t teach patience with impatience.

Dear son, thank you for one of my most important lessons as a Father.

You were two when you taught me this.

What important life lesson has a child taught you?

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Our Choices Make Us

Others May, You May Not

The King Of Beer
The King Of Beer

Are there activities, harmless on the surface, that others may do, but you may not?

There are, even if you can’t recognize them.

Tonight, there’s a get together of old friends, celebrating a recent wedding.

It’s BYOB, and some will drink adult beverages and loosen up their inhibitions and enjoy the buzz that alcohol so reliably brings.

Which always reminds me of one of life’s greatest lessons: Others may, you may not.