The people in Paris were incredibly friendly and helpful

The people in Paris were incredibly friendly and helpful. I gave one french employee a hug. Her kindness and generosity touched me. It also saved me from a very scary proposition. I will never treat a lost, panicked tourist the same. I’ll treat them much better. Next Blog

Happy Thanksgiving World

A sincere wish from my family to yours. We wish you: PEACE in your Soul JOY in your Spirit LOVE in your Heart We pray for this – for you, your family, and especially all those people less fortunate – every night before dinner. And as many sit at their tables today, they will be […]

July 4 – Blessed Beyond Measure

July 4 – Blessed beyond measure. When you really stop and think about what this day stands for, what sacrifices have been made, and the delicate balance the future holds for it, you could almost drop to your knees and thank God there are people who put their lives on the line every single day […]