Break the Internet?

Orlando Diocese Men's Rise Up conference
There are very few overnight successes.


Word for word, copied and pasted from yesterday’s Seth Godin blog post.

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Change, real change, is the result of focused persistence.

It’s easy to get a bunch of people sort of excited for a little while.

The challenging part, and the reason that change doesn’t happen as often as it should is that we get distracted. Today’s urgent is more urgent than yesterday’s important.

The concept of breaking news and the crisis of the day proves my point. If the world ended every time Wolf Blitzer implied it would, we would have been toast a long time ago. The organizations that actually change things are the ones that have a time horizon that’s longer than 36 hours.

There are very few overnight successes. Very few entrepreneurs, freelancers, non-profits, candidates, spiritual leaders, activists or people in a successful relationship that got there with thunder and lighting. It happens with a drip.

PS this post is intentionally disfigured in honor of Break the Internet. I’m annoyed that we have to continually fight this fight, but it just proves my point. Drip by drip.

Keep showing up. If it matters, keep showing up.

(Ok, this is the end of Seth’s post. Below the page break, my post.)

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Ok, here’s my contribution to today…

The long way is the short cut.

Stop looking for quick fixes or to hire someone to do your most important work.

Walt Disney and Steve Jobs did not appoint someone to create their legendary organizational culture.

You get where this just went, right?

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Hundreds of thousands over the course of a few days?

Closeup of Florida Fire Ant mound


Florida Fire Ant mound


(photo: Typical Florida Fire Ant mound.)

One tiny, single grain of sand at a time.

Hundreds of thousands over the course of a few days.

One after another.

Now replace a tiny, single prayer for each grain of sand. And replace a few days with a few decades.

A mountain of strength?

Simplicity, focus, and persistance.

Who knew?

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Day after day after day after…

Hawaiian water sports
Not giving up offers so many benefits on so many levels, it’s literally staggering


Hawaiian paddle boarding
Running while traveling facilitates a deeper cultural immersion


Day after day after day after…

There is something heavenly about routine.

About never giving up.

About continuously improving how we manage the boredom and temptation.

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