Our Choices Make Us

Prayers for the guts to fire the devil

empty, cold parking lot
Life on the road is often cold and lonely – we see what we want to see, no?


We either began yesterday on our knees or we didn’t.

Only one person in charge of counting our blessings.


Sometimes, we see this CEO counting excuses instead.

Why this CEO isn’t fired is beyond explanation.

Prayers for the guts to fire the devil.

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This Might Change Your Life

What rating would we give ourselves?

Amazon Canada Mid Life Celebration book
If we did a review of our daily habits are there things we could do to help us not feel so empty?


It’s easy to not start every single day on our knees (or the equivalent for what you believe in).


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Prayers Please

Pray For Ourselves

We have the best view through the window to our own soul.

Praying for ourselves comes naturally, and can occur at any time because we have intimate knowledge no one else has, except God.

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