i climb this mountain…

Disney Keynote Speakers
Six months ago.


Why do you like Glacier National Park so much?

The initial reaction is, “i don’t know, i just do.”

Deeper dive, not relenting on the root reason.

“Glacier does something to me when i visit, and when i think about the memories and the future trips.”

What then?


Nature imitates life.

Glacier has become like a familiar friend – someone i trust.

i climb this mountain…

To look through God’s window.


• • • • •

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Way more prayer warriors than you might expect in the workplace

Orlando Based Leadership Speakers


(photo: After 30 years at Disney the final day arrived… it was yesterday, Halloween.)

There are so many who are quietly, and invisibly, praying for you.

It’s mind blowing how many professional people believe in something so strongly yet rarely, if ever, talk openly about it.

Yet make no mistake, there is an army of prayer warriors in your work place. Am taking solace in this on the very first day of ‘retirement’.

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