Who provides glimpses of ‘well-done’ along our path?

  Was walking the dog this morning after a five-mile run and a neighbor (Optometrist heading to work) pulled up and we had a brief ‘how have things been going’ chat. She revealed her 22-year old daughter – a recent college graduate from UCF (University of Central Florida), said Mid Life Celebration was fantastic. The […]

Every victory is yours

  Where is our strength? Surely we all have a ready answer for this? We are so lucky to know… All authority… Every victory… Is yours… Savior, worthy of honor and glory… Worthy of all our praise… You overcame… Jesus, awesome and great is your name. … That’s what I believe. More power to those […]

The First Ministry

The first ministry starts at home. Not sure where I first heard those words. But they seem to make sense. How often am I tempted to want to do this helpful thing or volunteer for that important thing? Often, right? Sometimes, well, I feel like I need to stop, catch my breath, focus for a […]