Will Today Contain Love?

Think He's Hungry, And Lonely?
Think He's Hungry, And Lonely?

You have more Love inside you than you realize. I’m absolutely convinced of this. And last night at the Apple Store reinforced this.

Struck up a conversation with an Apple Store employee about Mid Life Celebration, and the whole five (different) daily blogs. The Apple employee looked very surprised. I mean, who writes five (different) daily blogs?

No one.

So anyway, after explaining the business model, the Apple Store employee shared a story about a homeless “beggar”. Instead of giving the beggar money, she went and bought him a meal (maybe from Subway) and then came back and gave it to him.

Wait, this is where it gets even better. She witnessed the beggar share half of the sandwich with another homeless person that she wasn’t even aware was nearby.

Will you do anything today to help make the world a better place? It doesn’t have to be big but it does have to contain Love.

Pray Without Ceasing

It Just Becomes Who You Are
It Just Becomes Who You Are

There are fewer sayings, when practiced, that will pay better dividends than the title of today’s blog post.

The catch is that we need to practice until it becomes such a habit that we don’t even know we are doing it, and we are actually doing it all day long.

All day. Every day!