Advent 2009

Advent begins today. Click here if you’d like a refresher on Advent. Advent, preparing for the coming of the Christ Child. Is there anything more exciting, more joyful, than the anticipation of the coming of a savior? Seriously. Anything? I think not. At least not in my tiny brain. This year, a promise was made […]

Is Today The Day?

Is today the day our eyes will be opened? Do you look around at the path you’re on? I mean every day. Day in and day out. I try really hard to. How can we not? Unless we have no idea what our goals are. What are your big goals? Your big mental-health goals? Your […]

The Joy of Dying

Is there Joy in dying? Is there Joy in death? There certainly is Joy in birth and obviously Joy in being born. Right? In the past 30 days, I’ve been exposed to nearly one dozen deaths. And these deaths have involved people close to me, or people close to people I’m close to. Ya with […]