Totally worth it?

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The reason so many buy on price is because few organizations have the service level that people think is worth the extra cost.


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What is this worth?

What is this worth and how much would you pay to have it?





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When you have sown deep and wide

Uncle Grandpa


(photo: Historically, stocks outperform any other type of investment… the secret sauce is time… lots and lots of time)

Praying for the deepest level of humility and grace.

There’s an upside to “you reap what you sow”when you have sown deep and wide.

There is an astonishingly overwhelming feeling of luck surrounding life’s financial choices right now.

Twenty-five years of weekly 401k contributions purchasing nothing but Disney stock.

Disney stock is up about 40% over last year’s price.

A staggering increase, but what’s easy to forget are all the years following 9/11 where the price was completely and utterly undervalued – for 13 years.

It was a great time to be buying though.

Please grant humility and grace as the days unfold.

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