Leadership retreat

Glacier National Park East Entrance
GNP. St Mary, Montana. Behind the scenes. 2018. Jody Maberry and Djuan Rivers (foreground).

Why are you feeling ashamed? Who have you disappointed? Who’s rules are you breaking? Someone else’s, or your own?

Melody Beattie

When you change what you see, what you see changes. Get away and create your own leadership retreat. This is why Glacier is important. Never allow yourself to form or repeat negative scripts. Find a million ways to stay motivated and positive.


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One Question A Day?

Are we obligated to live each day with simply three guiding ideals?

Church near Rice University
What denomination? Doesn’t matter. God does not care. Love does not care.


We have to believe that in order for God’s infinite plan to move forward, we are to live each day with great honor, obligation, and humility.

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