How Can You Tell?

Death is good for this one thing

Jack the Teddy Bear at University of Iowa in Winter
Living like we mean it often seems embarrassing


Jack the Teddy Bear at University of Iowa in Winter
Looking silly is not a care to the dying


Only with the end in sight do we start to measure the value of a day.

Death is good like that.

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Busy...Dreadfully Busy

Competing spiritual priorities

great dad
A great Dad...B 1....

Struggling with long busy days, travel schedules, exercise routines, volunteering, family time, chores, being a Dad and Husband (and the list goes on…)

Cancelled my participation in two really significant opportunities at Church last night. Why? Mid-day yesterday, knowing I’d be leaving this morning for a four-day biz trip, an evening bike ride with an 11-year old was more important than anything else.

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The Other Side

Think About It

But We Do It Anyway, Because It's Socially Acceptable
But We Do It Anyway, Because It’s Socially Acceptable

In a busy world, and it’s always been a busy world, we can’t do everything that comes across our path. Yet we often try to anyway.

Why? We learn a lot from watching those who came before us. We also learn from TV, movies, books, and the Internet.

It’s not uncommon for us to have a skewed list of priorities because all we know is all we know.

To change our perspective – and our priorities – we’d really need some significant force.

Is a powerful, paradoxical question enough?

It might be…

Please join me in a warm welcome for Patty Hebert. Take it away Patty:

Think about it. You find a thick envelope in the mail. Your eyes roll. You open it; another wedding invitation; a cousin, a niece, an estranged sibling. The clock is running. You have six weeks to formulate the perfect, Sorry but… Tried to squeeze it in but…

Think about it. The phone rings. A grandmother, grandfather, cousin, uncle, or estranged sister has died; unexpectedly or not. The calendar is wiped. Children get pulled from school with no thought of missed homework or exams. Important business meetings and dinner plans canceled. Soccer tournaments missed.

Now ask yourself, what’s more important, the living or the dead?

Think about it.

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Unanswered Questions?

What’s At Your Very Center?

What Should Come First?
What Should Come First?

What’s at the very center of your life?

You know what most people say, right?


Hands down.

Me too.

Cheryl and Chapin.

Yet it is Jesus that allows this miracle, of Family and Love, to bloom.

So do we, or should we, put Jesus before or after Family?

November 2009

The First Ministry

The first ministry starts at home. Not sure where I first heard those words. But they seem to make sense.

How often am I tempted to want to do this helpful thing or volunteer for that important thing? Often, right?

Sometimes, well, I feel like I need to stop, catch my breath, focus for a minute and say the magic word, “No.”

Today is one of those days.

Was feeling guilty until I realized that saying “no” to one thing, means “yes” to my Family.