Preacher man, preach like lives depend on it

    Going through our daily grind today, do we take it seriously, or simply endure it? Preacher man, preach like lives depend on it. So easy to get caught up in going through the motions. So many other things on the audiences’ minds. Unless the preaching is done in such a manner they feel […]

Orlando Professional Speakers

The Orange County Convention Center, minutes from Walt Disney World, and home… Orlando Professional Speakers enjoy a subtropical climate and world class convention facilities, like The Walt Disney World Resort and The Orange County Convention Center. In thoughtful, humble prayer, we can look around and see opportunity where others don’t. Most people would assume world […]

I’m Afraid of Success

I’m afraid of success. I think. Not sure exactly. In teaching yesterday afternoon, here in St Louis, while my colleague was speaking, I had these little moments where I did a quick inventory of my life. It went something like this. “Am I a living example, a role model so to speak, of the concept […]