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Progress is the new caffeine

Lake McDonald at dawn
This view is from the motel room bed. Pure energy to wake up to this view.

Progress is the new caffeine.

Progress with your spirit.

Progress with your work.

Progress with your home organization.

Progress with your positive attitude.

Progress with your health.

It’s only impossible until you taste it the first time.

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Unanswered Questions?

Smile at the Ying and Yang

sidewalk art
Yesterday walking home from gym.

Smile at the Ying and Yang.

The missed opportunity is how to use quitting in a constructive way.

What if instead of quitting the new year’s resolution to get healthy, we instead quit what we were doing the first three weeks and begin a new approach?

Changing (quitting) the activity may be just the thing needed to keep making progress (not quiting).

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Dear Son

Driven as a parent to teach what school isn’t designed for

Allegiant Air cabin
There’s much to ponder as a 15-year old. Same with the parent of a 15-year old.


Yesterday he befriended the runt of the group. By runt, i mean the youngest, least experienced, poorest member (quality of his card deck) of the weekly Sunday tournament regulars. Even going so far as to spend quality time with him as well as sharing his best deck when they played for fun after the tournament concluded.

i saw it as personal growth for a 15-year old.

Can’t help but wonder if he saw it as something remarkable.

Additionally, was thinking about how underwhelming the 8:45am sermon was. Maybe the 15-year old heard something i didn’t.

Maybe it was the result of some cumulative effect.

Maybe it was completely random and unintentional.

Disney has a culture by design, not by default. i’m applying the same cultural blueprint to personal life, including leadership parenting.

And because of this Disney application, i believe we are reaping some of what has been sown for the past decade or so.





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Busy...Dreadfully Busy

So much of life is consumed with just going through the motions

Mid Life Celebration book in Las Vegas
Wake up call in a short, easy to read book


So much of life is consumed with just going through the motions.

And nearly everyday we promise ourselves this is gonna change.

Do not fear going slowly.

Fear not going at all.

Any progress is progress.

It adds up.

And it may take years. Decades even.

We never see the tree grow, but it does.

Indeed it does.

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Our Choices Make Us


Be not afraid of going slow, be only afraid of standing still. – Chinese Proverb

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Yesterday’s answer: By having a purpose greater than myself.