Prayers Please

Peace Be With You

Snapped this photo two days ago going to foot doctor…

May the Peace that surpasses all understanding be with you today.

Be kind to everyone you meet. We are all fighting a hard battle.

There is no competitive immunity.

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Journey On

Wow, That Was Fun

Progress is fun, often experimental, and even more often, risky to attempt…

As February comes to a close today, it’s been fun to play around with blog SEO and Google Page Rank tactics – and watch them pay off.

Prayer works like that too.

Play around with it and find the tactics that work. It may take years, which is why people get frustrated, quit, and complain.

Years people. Years. Be patient, be purposeful, be committed, or fail…

Rise above this. Press on!

You can do it. You know you can.

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Common Sense

You Are Replaceable

Slowly, over the course of our careers, a huge rift develops…

This is the sad fact for many workers, no matter your level in your organization.

Unless maybe you’re the Pope. Then maybe you’re not replaceable.

Isn’t this the root of imbalance? We work harder than we probably need to, creating a huge rift in balance, just to feel safe and secure?

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