i’m proud of dad

My wife told me our son said he was proud of me.

He attended a half-day Customer Service and Leadership workshop i delivered for the top 36 executives for a nationwide restaurant company.

Heard this just before bedtime, this morning finds the details still unclear.

Perhaps the day will provide an opportunity for clarity.

Interestingly enough my son, who worked the event, and i conducted an extensive debrief on the 30 minute car ride home.

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Something this Dad doesn’t say very often

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Spontaneous thought from lunch meeting last week.


Something this Dad doesn’t say very often:

Son, I’m proud of you.

Long ago, a Montessori curriculum expert suggested that when raising a child, be careful not to have them grow up with an approval addiction.

Let the child discover how valuable and special they are. On their own.

Facilitate their own sense of pride that is from their internal voice, not the voice of approving adults.

Guide them in a different way.

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