How Does A Baby Boomer Keep Passion For The Purpose Alive After Decades Of Repetition?

How does a Baby Boomer keep passion for the purpose alive after decades of repetition? What most wellness and spiritual gurus neglect when they preach is how to mitigate the boredom that shadows any long, drawn out endeavor. Next Blog

License? You Have Your License?

Do you have your license? Do you go outside with, or, without it? At what age did you receive your license? How much does it cost to renew your license? Do you like the photo on your license? Do you use your license all day, everyday? What license? Your license to do good. You saw […]

Guest Blogger Bob Stewart

Dear readers, today it’s with great pleasure I introduce Bob Stewart, a Husband, Father, Man of God, and writer. Today’s post is courtesy of Bob and is entitled: “Who’s Not Capable?” Have you ever felt you didn’t have the skills, background, character, or even physical traits to be a leader? Have people assumed you don’t […]


Ever think about how you prepare for your day? Going through the motions? Wake up, shower, dress, jump in the car and off we go. Lemmings. The migratory animals that follow each other and when one jumps off the cliff, the rest follow, one by one. Humans are like that too. Creatures of habit and […]