Doing What You Can Is Always…

Doing What You Can Is Scary Sometimes
Doing What You Can Is Scary Sometimes

Doing what you can, is always better than doing nothing.

This is one of the greatest lessons we ought to teach ourselves.


So that we can then demonstrate the life-long lesson to the people around us.

Perhaps this is the first step to world peace: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Profoundly simple. Simply profound.

Amazingly difficult.

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He Did This To Me

Closed On Sunday For A Reason
Closed On Sunday For A Reason

“Excuse me!”, he said, as I was leaving the US Air check-in counter at the Charlotte Airport a few minutes ago.

As he approached from the next counter over, pointing to the ground, “Are these your sunglasses?”

“YES!”, I exclaimed. “Thank you very much.”

Thinking my sincere reply was enough to express gratitude, I began walking away. Three steps into the departure I turned around, went back over to his counter and said, “You have no idea how important these inexpensive and scratched up sunglasses are to me.”

He felt good, I felt good.

He did it to me and I paid him back.