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Do a reading or proclaim God’s Holy word – is there a difference in the way it sounds to others?


Ever run an errand and return with a profound sense of gratitude for something you thought was unappreciated?

A cursory greeting led to an extended visit in the grocery store aisle.

What started as, ‘Didn’t realize you lived nearby’, ended with a humbling realization that someone noticed.

Not growing up in the Catholic Church (converted in 1999 at 40), the approach to becoming a Lector (reader) had no boundaries. Most Lectors read in a monotone, uninspired voice – probably passed down as tradition.

It didn’t (and still doesn’t) feel right.

Joanne (retired) notices. And is very grateful someone in our congregation isn’t hemmed in by what everyone else does.

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Who provides glimpses of ‘well-done’ along our path?

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Mid Life Celebration is a fantastic book, said the 22-year old college graduate


Was walking the dog this morning after a five-mile run and a neighbor (Optometrist heading to work) pulled up and we had a brief ‘how have things been going’ chat.

She revealed her 22-year old daughter – a recent college graduate from UCF (University of Central Florida), said Mid Life Celebration was fantastic. The 50-year old Mom and business owner also said her Dad is now reading it.

God is good like this. Providing glimpses of ‘well-done’ along our path.

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Holy Family Catholic Lector

Food for Families.Nov18
Food for Families.Nov18

Where do you volunteer? Presumptuous of me to think you volunteer, right? Maybe. Maybe not.

You do volunteer, don’t you? Not judging anyone, simply assuming everyone does something, no matter how big or how small.

When I look at volunteer opportunities, there are a few criteria:

  1. We do it as a Family
  2. We look for “traditions”
  3. We focus on a learning point
  4. We have to be able to integrate it into our lives

This morning is a perfect example. I’ll be reading as a Lector, and Cheryl will act as a Minister of Holy Communion.

Our son (9) has seen us do this once or twice a month for his entire life.

We also have him place our offertory envelope in the collection plate every week. He knows how much money we give.

When he gets older, we are confident that our actions will instill in him a duty to serve others with his time, talent and treasure.

Do you ever think about the messages you send to your children, or the young people in your lives if you have no children?

“Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means.” –Einstein

jeff noel Lector

jeff noel Lector.

Doing the first reading this morning at Mass. May God’s Holy Spirit fill me with the wisdom to read in such a way, that the parishioners will feel like God is speaking to them and not me.

Blessed beyond measure we are. Aren’t we?