Hidden amongst all of this is a big pile of “figure-it-out”

Put up or shut up
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Who among us doesn’t have a platform, a cause, or something that fires them up?

Nice riff. Well said. No arguments. Yada yada.

And then along comes reality and the need to do a lot with limited resources.

Like trying to find time to exercise even though we know how wonderfully beneficial it is.

Or finding time to volunteer because we know there are so many in need of our time or talent.

And then work, with a never ending stream of projects to tackle (voluntarily) on top of the day to day responsibilities.

And let’s not forget all the great books we’d like to read, but they pile up collecting dust.

And the home improvement and fix-it-up projects that are clamoring for our attention.

Hidden amongst all of this is a big pile of “figure-it-out”. Not sure what the answer is, yet it takes many voices to move a mountain.

Praying the serenity prayer for you, the children, and the world.

You won’t believe what happened next…

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Blind Spot?

Facebook is a very helpful tool. A window into the lives of our friends and family. And oftentimes an entertaining diversion from the real-world pressures.

You probably saw our son’s Guest Blog post about what Easter means.

He’s nine, and gets it. Easter is the most significant day in history.

Ever. Period.

There are surely skeptics out there who are thinking, “He’s a kid, let him enjoy chocolate and Easter basket stuff.” Got it covered: