Getting close to God should be the easiest thing to do

Japanese Tengu statue at Epcot
Last night as we dined outside at Epcot.


Getting close to God should be the easiest thing to do because of God’s schedule. Think about it.

God is available 24/7.



Day after day we put this off, until that small, persistent voice inside our head tells us getting close to God seems like it’s only for church going people.

Come on, seriously?




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Will we focus on traditional or non-traditional?

orlando Based Inspirational Keynote Speakers


(photo: Someday we may have ‘Heaven in a box’, or maybe a mobile app for understanding that nebulous concept called Heaven.)

Will we focus on traditional or non-traditional?

Heading to Word Camp Orlando in an hour.

Typically, attendees focus on which classes they’ll attend.

Eventually, we realize (particularly as a small business owner) that there’s a much bigger picture to these events.


Same with ‘organized Church’.

Strip away everything about Church and it comes down to one thing.

A deep, meaningful, intimate relationship with Jesus.

Or not.

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God Will Never Ever Abandon Us. Never. Ever.

Sometimes the truth is a little fuzzy. usually because we’re too stinking busy to focus.

God will never ever abandon us. He doesn’t know how. The same way a loving Parent doesn’t know how to abandon their child.

Insight: Faith has no solid, rational explanation and will always remain a mystery that we either accept graciously, or ignore.

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