Don’t let the fear of being wrong deter you

Their first look at Grinnell Glacier Overlook from jeff noel on Vimeo. Until the Internet and smartphone, the world never had fingertip access to the vast diversity of belief and opinion. As you journey on, decide for yourself what is the center of your spiritual/emotional belief system. No longer does any person have to rely […]

So the Catholic Priest wipes out his iPhone at Mass

  What inspired me about Father Benjamin using his iPhone to read some scripture to support his Homily was how untraditional it was. There had to be older parishioners who gasped. You know, “Kids these days with their devices, blah, blah, blah.” Yeah, and adults these days with their divorce rates, obesity, and hypocrisy. Anyway, […]

.think .differently about “Religion”

    .think .differently about “Religion”. What do you need spiritually, emotionally, intangibly? What gives you what you need? Nature? Mobile apps? Community? Family? Work? Medication? Nature? Books? Volunteering? What? And what of those will reap a bountiful harvest in your later years? • • • • • This website is about our SPIRIT. To […]