Should a narcissist outsource?

Sanctus Real Lead Me screen shot
Self-love is critical. And like everything else, has potential to be misused.


Self-love is, mostly, a socially unacceptable notion.

Arrogant. Narcissistic. Selfish.


Is it really?

What about being comfortable in our own skin.


Self aware.

Maybe a narcissist should outsource their self love to mitigate their (potentially) bad reputation?

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The biggest reason why Christianity gets a bad rap from some

Dented MacBook Pro case
One small dent ruins the entire Apple MacBook


One bad apple does not spoil the whole bunch, or does it?

Christianity is such a lofty aspiration – to be a good and decent person all the time.

Yet we are flawed individuals. Every last one of us.

Weirdly, and inappropriately, we expect Christians (or Muslims, etc) to be perfect.

There in lies the negative stereotype dilemma.

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What’s our obligation to live up to our reputation?

Best steak you'll ever eat in Miamni
One of the best steaks any of us have ever eaten – it lived up to it’s reputation (don’t we all)


Just last night, overheard a 60-year old at a nearby restaurant table talking about going to Mass everyday, and as if those that don’t, aren’t real believers.

Interest duly peaked. Ears listening in and out of his conversation, and the one at our table.

As he had a few more drinks, he began talking like a pirate, cursing, bad mouthing – yet having a glorious time.

No judging, yet surely taking notice and contemplating it all.

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One thing the Herd is oblivious to

Frozen, the movie, marque at Movie Theater
Some indulgences can be spiritual experiences, even cartoons with amazing storytelling


Some indulgences can be spiritual experiences, even cartoons with amazing storytelling.

One thing the Herd is oblivious to:

We judge ourselves on our intentions, others judge us on our actions.

We tell stories about what is important to ourselves, and believe others can see our good intentions.

Never gonna happen.

Everyday, preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words. (Saint Francis)

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Who Cares?

Never saw a knife ‘holder’ until last Friday in an Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia Bed & Breakfast. While it was very fancy, it reminds me of how we get distracted with needless things.

What percentage of your day do you worry about what others think of you?

What percentage of your day do you hesitate to do what you really think needs to be done?

It’s important to care, but when we care “too much” it actually, invisibly, and without consequence (which is dangerous), leads us down the path of unfulfilled responsibilities.

I am way too familiar with this. And you?

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