Prayers Please

Pray That Positive Change Starts With Each Individual Person

There are some things we can not rely on Government for.

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray that I can become the positive change You wish to see in the world. Please help me help my perfectly imperfect self.

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Our Choices Make Us

Our Main Purpose

If we don’t teach them by our example….

Our main purpose, it would seem, is to teach our children.

I mean everything. And never get bored with the basics.

Teach them mental responsibility, physical responsibility, spiritual responsibility, career responsibility, and daily ‘life administrative’ responsibility.

This is what I live for!

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Weakness Is Strength

Weakness Is Strength
Weakness Is Strength

If you believe it is, it is.

But who’s going to make you believe it?


Pair of Boxes
Pair of Boxes

The joy of having two Guest bloggers this week pales in comparison to the pain of the Haiti earthquake victims.

Last night, after my son and I walked Carter, we hurriedly returned to our house.

Told our son we needed to watch the evening news at 6:30PM.

Our lifestyle doesn’t make much time to watch TV. And this week has been exceptionally busy (see today’s Lane 8 challenge).

We watched Diane Sawyer on ABC Evening news describe the tragedy in Haiti. I wanted our son to understand the magnitude.

Yes, he’s only nine. But he’s smart. He’s compassionate. He has a caring heart.

It’s my sacred responsibility to teach him Life’s Big Four.

And it was the day prior to yesterday that he became my first Guest Blogger.