Stumbled upon the Flagship Walgreens

Philadelphia city hall at night
Out our Hotel front door, looking left.


Philadelphia city hall at night


Philadelphia best Walgreens
On the walk back from dinner, we needed to get something.


Philadelphia best Walgreens
Three story Walgreens with escalators and perfect moments.


Philadelphia best Walgreens
Getting healthy is one thing. Staying there is the real challenge.


Philadelphia best Walgreens
The place was unlike any Walgreens i’ve ever seen – we have tons in Florida.


Philadelphia best Walgreens


Philadelphia best Walgreens
Walgreens flagship store is at this corner.


Stumbled upon the Flagship Walgreens.

It was surreal and maybe, very loosely, a spiritual experience.

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Too much too soon?

College buddy reunion
One handful of early arrivals.


When you reunite with people you see only on an annual basis it is so exciting to catch up in person. Last night there where only a handful of us. Today, another three handfuls arrive.

And when you reunite with people you haven’t seen in a decade or two, it gets even more exciting.

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Why not me?

Disney World Guests
jeff, Teresa, “Mom”, Brian


Brian, a former Marine, and his wife Teresa have four grown children. They are visiting Family near Walt Disney World. We’ve known each other for 25 years. It was the first time meeting Brian’s step Mom.

During our leisurely lunch at Columbia Harbour House, we talked freely and abundantly about God and our infinite blessings.

Brian’s Mom shared how her husband died of cancer, and this led to a story about her overhearing a recently diagnosed cancer patient frustratedly asking aloud, “Why is God doing this to me?”

Just then, another woman (without cancer but who knew it well) said, “Why not me? Who am I that I should be spared from cancer?”

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Oh hell

Oh Hell card game with King of Spades


(photo: Played Oh Hell with 10 people and the King of Kings appeared)

In the routine, mundane, seemingly-insignificant moments that rush by us like the endless water flowing over Niagara Falls, we have countless opportunities to feel alive.

The photo above reveals a completely random photo that illuminates a special moment a day after it actually happened.

Busy, distracted, entertained, and medicated.

Figure it out.

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