Ask your Son

Spring Grove HS class of 1977
Seven months official notice.


Ask your Son.

Ask your wife.

Odds are decent they’ll tell you to go.

You get a handful of these High School class reunions in a lifetime.

If your son plays football, you’ve no doubt seen a couple dozen games from 7th grade to four years worth of college.

Remember, please, after all, it’s your 40th High School class reunion.

Maybe it’s college homecoming. Or a special tribute to the players. could be an insanely good reason to attend the football game.

Knowing in March that Oct 28th is a conflict between your Son’s college football game and your 40th (you caught that, right, 40th?) reunion, and you’re going to pass on the reunion to attend one of four Fall’s worth of college football games? And let’s assume you’ve already attended a dozen or two High School games, ok?

There’s an opportunity to teach a child about childhood relationships. Attending High School reunions is one of them.

My Mom taught and continues to teach me.

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Spiritual reunions are rarely labeled as such

North Carolina golfing
College buddies golf outing yesterday.


North Carolina golfing


North Carolina golfing
Father and son. This is how traditions get passed on.


North Carolina golfing


Spiritual reunions are rarely labeled as such. A 34-year tradition shared by 35 college buddies is something rare.

It was a tradition that had been passed down from one father to his son. His son is one of the 35. It is possible that some of us will pass this tradition on to our children.

Brad Beard (who’s father’s tradition he admired) probably didn’t realize it at the time, but it has lasted 34 years with no end in sight.

Thank God.

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