Is it conceited or devilish to say you are ready and can relax?

  Last night the same thought played like a broken record, “Not enough time for Church in the morning, too much to do.” Three days away from Christmas. How can we not go? How is it even possible to contemplate? Holiday stress? Or a feeling of decent compromise because the hay is already in the […]

Keep Touching Lives

Recently received an email from an occasional reader. It’s a random comment like this that makes the journey’s effort so worthwhile. What keeps you motivated to keep pushing forward? “Hey Jeff, We met a couple of years ago in the Orlando airport. You were admiring my little netbook computer and we had a nice chat. […]

Then I Told Him That

“All I want to do is help you, and teach you, so you’ll learn the important things about life”. He understands this. Why? Because I’ve been saying it since he was an infant. Over and over and over. He knows that punishments or consequences are not something a parent wants to do, but something a […]