A crutch to glorify self-pity?

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We can take solace in knowing that everyone is either going through hell right now, or just coming out of it, or about to start going through hell at any moment. We live our lives moving in and out of these three places.

To think someone else has it easier is nonsense.

And a crutch to glorify self-pity.

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Case in point: Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

Please don't tell me

A huge metaphor for what happens with unexpected death

a different kind of wakeup call from a different kind of death


Yesterday’s post is a huge metaphor for what happens with unexpected death. We say goodbye – with things left unsaid, undone, and hopes never realized.

The good news is no one physically lost their life. The bad news, we may never see Bobbye and Harry again.

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