Please don't tell me

Dare to think unthinkable spiritual thoughts

Man living in small house in Oregon
How much do we really need to be happy?


Somewhere around this time of year in 1982 the dream first dreamt nearly a decade prior was about to come true.

There’s a short piece in the book that describes how the inspiration to dream it suddenly appeared.

Coincidently, guest blogger Lorie Sheffer recently sent this NBC article about a man living on $4,500 a year in Oregon.

The bicycle trip (jeff noel’s) began with $75 cash, a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a bottle of honey shaped like Smokey the Bear.

No tent either.

Living simply. Deliberately.

What’s stopping us from thinking like that again?

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Please don't tell me

Playing it safe requires only two things from us

jeff noel  old LinkedIn profile
Loner and loser are often what people think of when someone doesn’t comply


When we play it safe all that’s required is doing something ordinary and expected.

People with great ideas start out as loners.

If your goal is to do something impossible, something you’ve never done, something hard, expect it to be a long time before anyone notices.

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PS. Who’s blessed to have beginner’s luck run in their Family?

Unanswered Questions?

What are fair and reasonable criteria to evaluate risk levels?

Saint Paul description
A book like Mid Life Celebration is a big risk


What are fair and reasonable criteria to evaluate risk levels?

And what level of risk is acceptable?

What level would be considered too risky?

Ever wonder what Jesus used and if He ever regretted taking such a big risk?

Who was Onesiphorus?

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This Might Change Your Life

I Take Calculated Risks

Every human that isn't born.... never becomes a child.

After writing yesterday’s post, wondered if I had crossed a line by sharing statistics I can not verify as 100% accurate. Then it hit me. Truly, the statistics are irrelevant. What if only one child was aborted per day, or per hour? No one could dispute that number.

What this really comes down to is when do we get to say it’s okay to snuff out a life?

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31 Days Of Thanksgiving

Ever Want To Desperately Talk To Someone But Where Completely Afraid To?

Seize The Day, Overcome Fear, Or Live With Regret

After the YMCA sponsored event, hundreds of people mixed and mingled, but relatively briefly, because most had to be at work by 9am. The Guests of honor would be long gone by the time I exited. But wait, could it be? Yes Patrick Henry Hughes and his Father. But what would I say? (too afraid to say anything, really) So I watched them disappear around the corner.

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