Grateful for how it didn’t turn out

Disney Let the Magic Begin
Randy had no idea this was coming. It was cool to experience the delightful surprise vicariously through him.


Disney Keynote Speaker
i said, “Let’s get one with our back against the Castle wall.”


Disney Keynote Speaker
Two yutes having a great morning.


From the Idaho-Washington border (where i went to college), it was a six-hour drive across Washington State to get to Seattle. Then we began heading south to Los Angeles.

We drove down highway 101, the Pacific Coast Highway, most of the way, until it made sense to get on I-5. Our destination was my cousin’s relative’s house.

After spending a day or two there, we hit the road again for home (Pennsylvania).

In a thing called a phone booth, we called home on Christmas day from somewhere in the middle of nowhere Texas on I-10.

It’s kind of a miracle we made home safely, considering what we did in the car all those long hours of driving.

Grateful for how it didn’t turn out.


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Take what you can get

Google Maps showing traffic conditions


Bad news last night, the traffic in every direction was gridlocked.

The good news is we were flexible and creative.

We changed our plan and quickly returned to the Marriott.

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