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The test we’d all like to pass but few are willing to take

Chile weather
Screenshot yesterday in prep for today’s trip.


The test we’d all like to pass but few are willing to take…

Be willing to put yourself in a real position where you may have to die to save someone else.

Today is Veterans Day 2018.

Facebook is flooded with people reminding their friends of this (did any of us not know?) and sharing photos of their parents and grandparents in uniform.

Are there any of us that didn’t have Family and relatives who served?

My Father-In-Law in WWII and my Dad in the Korean War, for starters.

In preparation to fly to Santiago, Chile tonight, i will fly over some of the least desirable places to raise a Family.

i start every day on my knees – since our son was born in 2000 – because we come to know the true meaning of Veterans Day when we learn to celebrate it every day.


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Our Choices Make Us

It would be good to distinguish two competing paths

Disney HR Conference Speaker
Celebrate or distinguish between two competing paths.


It would be good to distinguish the difference (and importance) between:

  1. responsibility
  2. commitment

And to discern between those two paths in our life.

They both seem inseparable. But are they?

Can we be committed to things that are not our greatest responsibilities?

We may not be committed to them personally, for example, but they are indeed a great responsibility.

And great responsibilities demand excellent long-term commitment.

Mercy or sacrifice?

Mercy versus sacrifice?

What does this mean?

“i desire Mercy, not sacrifice…”




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Mercy not sacrifice

Unique business telephone numbers
Yesterday at a red light.


God desires mercy not sacrifice.

Demonstrating mercy to our brothers and sisters is far more important than following all the rules for sacrificing the right things at the right times to honor God.

We honor God when we live with compassion and forgiveness. No sweat, right?

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Desire mercy not sacrifice

Desire mercy not sacrifice.

history's greatest speeches
I have a dream speech… this is where Martin Luther King, Jr stood

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What Loving Father Would Bring His Son Into The World, Knowing He Would Have To Make A Supreme Sacrifice?

Fear Is Real. Some Fear Is Minor And Some Supremely Scary. Some, Make Believe.

It’s easy, this time of year, with the parades, presents, TV specials, bowl games and parties, to remember deep down at the core of our existence is a heavenly spirit that was set free commemorated with the birth of a little boy. What I find truly frightening, is the thought of taking this for granted.

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