Why Are We So Scared?

Look Forward To Death?
Look Forward To Death?

Yesterday’s post posed a choice.

The challenge is, we are too afraid to choose, so we talk and think like this:.

“By and large, humans squander their lives with I’m gonna, I will when, soon as, next week, next year, when the kids…, when I retire, soon as the job slows down, this Fall, starting New Year’s Day, blah, blah, blah…”

This is why death is mostly sad, when in reality, it ought to be one of the most glorious times of our lives.

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Make Me Cry

A couple days ago, while sitting in Church with my Family, I got teary-eyed three separate times in less than an hour.

Why? Where you sad?

Nope. Happy.


Yes. And thankful.

If I have to explain this to you, chances are, you won’t understand.

However, if you don’t understand but would like to, simply scroll down and read yesterday’s blog post.