Sit and create Plan B

18-second 2020 video: From 8900’, i called off the solo Pollock Moutain summit. This is a panorama from where i sat to reflect on what to do as plan B.

Sit and create Plan B.

The last thing i wanted to do after all the anticipation and effort to get to the Great Cleft, just 300 feet from the 9,200′ summit, was quit.

Without belaboring the details, there was no way to safely continue. Even to explore the area to try to find the great cleft was dangerous. And of course, trying to discover the way is a natural reaction. But it was easy to call it off.

When you prioritize your priorities, it’s easy to make decisions.

When you prioritize your priorities, it’s easy to be proactive.

A prioritized decision-making matrix and a proactive, growth mindset enable adaptation when unexpected circumstances arrive.

Expect the unexpected.

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i’m not a night driver because i have a day job

Google maps
Left St Petersburg, Florida at 8:30pm last night, heading for home, Walt Disney World. i arrived home at 10:40pm.


Teaching all day wears you out. Teaching all day for two consecutive days doubles the tired. Throw in a three-hour dinner and then a 90-minute drive.

Potentially dangerous situation for a guy like me – early to bed, early to rise.

Bewteen listening to AC/DC, rolling down the windows, and pulling over to do pushups, i finally made it home.

Only twice while driving did i say, “Oh my God, that was scary.”

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Run, hide, fight

Orlando based keynote speaker and author
Cheryl saw the open window and followed.


Run, hide, fight.

The video was produced by, and is copyrighted by, the City of Houston in 2012.

If you, God forbid, are ever in the middle of an active shooter situation – run, hide, or fight, in that order.





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Safety… a riff, too long for our own good?

Lost dog sign


(photo: Many, many layers to safety… ps. Buffett was found, alive, two days later)

Wrote the riff yesterday, and decided not to edit it this morning. You know MLC doesn’t have much bandwidth for longer posts. Nothing wrong with them. They’re just odd here….

Safety… demand excellence. For everyone. Everyday. All day. Safety takes a back seat to nothing. Safety is so much more than physical safety.

Knowing the following items is being average (and the assumption is we not only know, but do):

Know the fire/emergency exit routes of your building. Make sure others know these routes as well. Know where the fire extinguisher is. Know how to use it. Know where the AED is. Know how to use it. See something, say something. Do not text and drive. Do not email and drive. Do not make phone calls or answer phone calls while driving. Wipe up spills. Remove trip hazards. Practice safety in motion at all times.

Knowing the following items would place an employee in the above average category:

Securing all sensitive company and client documents (physical, digital, and voice). Securing all office entry points, office doors, desk drawers, laptop access, smart phone access, as well as retreiving copies and faxes immediately. Securely discarding private documents. Being fully aware of surroundings when having meetings of any kind in public, non-company locations.

Knowing the following items would place an employee in the excellent category:

When traveling off site on public transportation – planes, busses, shuttles, trains – our conversations, our laptop screens and anything else that is visible or audible intellectual property (IP). When teaching or selling to any audience requiring company IP, the employee locks laptop with cable. The employee also assumes nothing, and locks their laptop screen for any reason where he/she needs to leave the room, even to use the restroom. We never leave our company smartphones sitting on a conference table either. Ever. When enjoying alcohol during meals and the conversation can become relaxed and loud, we are ever vigilant in never crossing a line. Any use of unsecured external hard drives and thumb drives to transport or transfer company IP and client files should have all data deleted immediately following the download. We also do not discard anything in hotel rooms or conference facilities that has any IP or client value whatsoever.

The reality of knowing what to do and actually doing it would stun most leaders. What we accept by default becomes the standard and this is cause for alarm.

Bonus points: Wear a Road ID when running on business trips.

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Thank You For Going

Maybe They Were On Sale
Maybe They Were On Sale

There are people who have so much passion for what they do, they make the status quo look like amateurs.

Not everyone can handle the pressure that comes from such passion.

Some wait their whole lives for it.

And some, well, it’s who they are.

It’s a manifestation of some higher purpose.

A higher calling.

They make sacrifices.

Some unintentional.

Some, unwanted.

Important things can suffer.

There is no easy answer.

There is no “one correct way”.

It’s a two-way street.

This is what makes it such a gamble.

Either way.

Taking risks is risky. And so is playing it safe.

Pick one.

But try not to pick the wrong one.